About Us

All-natural and family farm-sourced bison

From Farm to Plate Since 1993

Since 1993, North American Bison, LLC, proud suppliers of TenderBison, has been on a mission. It’s our goal to partner with respected independent ranchers who raise bison naturally and humanely to help us bring the very best to your plate.

Now, over 28 years later, we’re continuing to build on that mission and growing our brand in the process. Our all-natural and family farm-sourced bison can be found in grocery stores and restaurants worldwide.

We exist to deliver the very best to everyone we serve. Count on us to never waiver in our commitment to craftsmanship and a higher quality product every family can savor.

Rooted in Our Values

Every independent rancher we partner with. Every cut from tenderloin to porterhouse. Everything we bring to your plate is made possible due to our company’s values. We’ve rallied around them from day one and will continue to drive us forward. 

  • We champion sustainability.
  • We respect our land and animals.
  • We believe in achieving a higher level of quality.
  • We go above and beyond with food safety.

Our Bison Products

Taste the difference for yourself.