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Besides the bison themselves, there’s no one we have greater respect for than the independent rancher. You’re hardworking. You’re passionate. And you’re wise to the ways of the ever-wild buffalo.

Here at North American Bison, LLC, we’ve always been dedicated to your success, which is precisely why we make you our only source of supply. We don’t own any animals to supplement our needs. Instead, we’re completely invested in sustaining independent ranchers like you, now and into the future.

Here’s what you’ll get when you choose to work with us:

Top Dollar for Your Animals

We know how hard you work to keep your herd happy and healthy. So we’ll compensate you fairly for the value of your bison.

Exceptional Yields

With today’s bison prices, even a 4% yield increase comes to an extra $125 to your good. So to ensure the carcass best yield for you, we maintain our own harvesting facility in New Rockford, North Dakota. This allows us to take complete responsibility for the quality of the process, including the humane treatment of your animals. We also take a natural approach to harvesting. This skilled workmanship from our own team ensures consistent and exceptional carcass yield results.

Commitment to Sustainability

By choice, we do not own animals, and we have no interest in competing with our partnering ranchers. Additionally, we are committed to pioneering a viable and stable future for independent family ranches.

Animal Scheduling & Carcass Appraisal

Our scheduling process is easy and adaptable to your needs. Your animals can be scheduled months in advance, or we can expedite your delivery. As a value-add, we can give you our insight on potential carcass yield, which has led to increased profitability among our current rancher partners.

To learn about becoming a valued Rancher Partner with North American Bison, LLC, please contact Mike Jacobson by calling 701-318-1474 or emailing mjacobson@nabison.com. We look forward to the opportunity to partner with you.

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