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In recent years, all-natural bison meat has become more of a mainstream option due to increased awareness and consumer acceptance. Bison is a perfect fit for those seeking a healthy, great tasting protein. Not only is our meat flavorful and healthy, it’s also sustainably raised and naturally produced.

When you offer proteins to your patrons, make sure TenderBison is an option. It’s a versatile meat to cook with, and can be as simple or sophisticated as you want it to be.


Get to know TenderBison better, and see how it matches what your patrons are hungry for:


  • Bison meat is healthy.

High in iron and protein

Low in calories, cholesterol, and fat


  • Bison meat is raised responsibly.

Sustainably raised by family-owned ranches, humanely produced, and traceable to its origin

Ours is all-natural, free-ranged, and grain-finished with no additives, no antibiotics, and no growth hormones ever


  • Bison meat is popular.

The flavor actually tastes a little sweeter than beef

Naturally more tender than beef without the added fat

Healthier than other meat options—even chicken

Our story resonates with people and is unique to North American Bison, LLC


TenderBison isn’t just good for consumers. It’s good for you, too:


  • Fast delivery to your doorstep via UPS with Food Service Distrubutor
  • Available fresh or frozen, with an exceptional shelf life
  • Get the same exact cuts of bison as you would beef
  • We can produce to your requested specifications
  • Whole primal cuts and portion control are also available
  • North American Bison, LLC, also carries other game products


“Everybody has beef on their menu, so it was time to try something new. TenderBison is one of the most tender meats I’ve ever worked with. When I serve it, I try to leave it as-is to let the flavor come through. My customers really enjoy the unique taste.”

—Chef Edward Diaz

Steamboat House | Houston, Texas


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