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Raising bison the right way requires a time-honored understanding of what it takes to care for your animals. Discover how Conner uses his family’s deep history of raising bison to his advantage on his ranch.

Bison Rancher Profile - Meet Conner Buchholtz

What does raising bison mean to you and your family?

Conner: Raising bison has always been a big part of who I am. My family has raised bison my whole life, and I have grown up around the animals. Bison are something I have always been passionate about and I enjoy any time I can spend with the herd.

Can you share the name of your ranch and how long you’ve owned it?

Conner: My parents started Skull Creek Bison in 1996. I started to get involved on my own in 2017. My family purchased the ranch the bison now roam on in 1939.

What kind of practices are you implementing in terms of sustainability and humane treatment of the animals as a part of your operations?

Conner: Our operation puts a lot of time and effort into restoring native rangelands and developing high quality water for our bison. We want to promote native grasses and wildlife, so bison can live on our range like they did in the 1800’s. We have developed fencing for our bison so we can move them often to mimic nature. We lead, not chase our bison, and handle them as low stress as we can. Our animals are handled minimally, and are only caught and worked once a year.

What does your partnership with TenderBison mean to you?

Conner: The relationship means a lot to me. I know that the guys running the company are looking out for the producers. They work hard to deliver the best possible products out to the market. From the salesmen to the guys on the kill floor, I trust them with my way of life and I know they do their best for me.

What things would you like people to know about bison as a product?

Conner: I think people should really read and study the health benefits of bison over other proteins. Bison are lower in cholesterol and higher in omega 3 fatty acids. They are truly nature’s most natural protein. Generation’s have survived on bison meat, and I think it is a great choice for you and your family.

Why would you tell someone to choose TenderBison bison products over beef?

Conner: I would tell someone to choose TenderBison because it is a great product for your family, and in buying TenderBison, you are supporting many other families. Our family’s operation runs through TenderBison and we wouldn’t still be in operation without them. Supporting TenderBison means supporting a local rancher. It is good for everyone.

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