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At TenderBison, we’re proud to partner with hardworking and passionate independent ranchers who help us bring the best to your table. One of those families is the Leiers. We sat down with them to discuss their operation and what it means to raise bison the right way.

Rancher Highlights: Meet the Leiers

1. What does raising bison mean to you and your family?
Raising bison has become a signature trait of what our family does for a living. The endeavor is unique in that not only are we raising the animals to provide for a ranching lifestyle that we cherish, but also we are continuing to help restore a North American keystone species that was once on the brink of extinction. The challenges can be tough but the rewards are greater, and we are fortunate that bison and only bison are what we are committed to raising on our ranch for the ultimate protein source for consumers.

2. Can you share the name of your ranch and how long you have owned it?
Heartland Bison Ranch was established in 1996.

3. What kinds of practices are you implementing in terms of sustainability and humane treatment of the animals as a part of your operations?
Heartland Bison Ranch is committed to raising bison in the most holistic and natural way possible. We use our bison as a tool to graze our lands, mimicking nature as best as possible. These practices have increased and improved the native plant species on our ranch and the results continue to compound with more diverse animal life as well. We design and implement low-stress handling practices when we do work our herds, and we strive to keep our animals as hands-off as we can.

4. What does your partnership with NAB, LLC (the brand TenderBison) mean to you?
Heartland Bison Ranch is very proud to partner with NAB, LLC because the company continues to show through action that they care about their employees, their community and the independent ranchers who they partner with to supply the TenderBison brand. The customers of TenderBison benefit from the superior skill that NAB brings to turning these magnificent animals we raise into the high-quality product that we want our customers to experience every time they purchase it. This commitment is a natural fit for our operation as we see time and time again how they respect, understand and cherish the rancher’s commitment to raising bison and bringing it to market.

5. What things would you like people to know about bison as a product?
Bison is a superior protein product that fills the nutritional gap in many beneficial ways. With higher amounts of omega 3, iron, vitamin D, and protein combined with lower amounts of fat than your typical red meat, bison is a great way to boost your immune system and enjoy every bite at the same time. Not only are the health benefits superior, customers should know that every time they put their money forward to purchase bison, they are voting to continue the role that independent ranchers are playing to restore the most significant red meat protein North America has ever known with bison.

6. Why would you tell someone to choose NAB, LLC (TenderBison) bison products over beef?
TenderBison products are sourced from ranchers like us who care deeply for our animals and strive to give those animals the best life possible. The TenderBison brand holds a high standard for bringing a superior product to customers and that standard carries throughout the whole chain of relationships. When you buy TenderBison, you are supporting a small community where animals are processed in New Rockford, ND, independent ranchers like Heartland Bison Ranch, and the continued efforts to bring bison to the marketplace for more people to experience.

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